Lean Startup

GE's FastWorks Journey Engaging In A Cultural Transformation | Sinead Clarkin & Heather McGough

Sept. 1, 2017

GE's adaptation of the Lean Startup program, called FastWorks, has been well documented thus far. But what are the specifics of the ongoing journey of the FastWorks mindset and methodology, as it makes its way through the organization in an effort to drive innovation and shift GE’s culture? How is GE building and scaling FastWorks across the company? How has GE measured its success to-date, and what does the future of FastWorks look like? In a conversation with Lean Startup Co. co-founder Heather McGough, GE’s FastWorks Skills Director, Sinéad Clarkin, will discuss GE’s learning journey with FastWorks. Sinéad will take us through the pain points, skill requirements, and roadmap for this landmark program.

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