VGDJ: The Official OverClocked ReMix Podcast

Weening you from our Monday schedule

Sept. 18, 2006

Hello hello! Pixie here, bringing you the glorious news that our segment on Game Music Radio's "The Next Level" has been released! The show, hosted by Becky Young (marketing coordinator of Video Games Live) and Brian DiDomenico (cool guy with a VG music band) features weekly interviews with game music composers, musicians, and the like. We know our schedule change may have come as a shock to you, so hopefully this will help to ease the transition. ^_~

Tune in for the inside scoop on how VGDJ was created and received in the ocremix community, some music and remixing techniques from zircon and myself, a kick-ass little retro game music quiz, aaaaaaand the exclusive debut of our Final Fantasy 7 remix collaboration, Deliverance of the Heart! The interview was a blast, and we'd like to thank Brian and Becky again for inviting us on the show. Be sure to take advantage of all Game Music Radio has to offer at their website!

We've recorded a little audio announcement in case anyone wants instructions for picking up the interview. Also cuz we love to talk to ya... :B Enjoy!- zircon, pixietricks, & Brushfire - neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.