VGDJ: The Official OverClocked ReMix Podcast

VGDJ: Episode #061 Triple Trouble

Oct. 30, 2006

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Like, video games? Video game music? Umm, like, that's SOOO dorky! But we don't care! Even though djpretzel and Rama have been lazing around, we've been joined by a special guest to spice things up; it's Doug "DrumUltimA" Perry! And not just on a short segment either. He's here to assist us with every aspect of Episode 061, from the remix roulette, to MAGFest coverage, to our new Halloween Cosplay Contest. YEP! Surely you didn't think we'd let all of you steadfast video game fans go more than a week without giving you more chances to win some more swag, did you? You download! You download show!

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