VGDJ: The Official OverClocked ReMix Podcast

VGDJ: Episode #060

Dec. 12, 2006

This week on the show all about the music and community of OverClocked ReMix:

Hokay! So. It's a couple weeks into October - sorry about the slight delay - but we've got a veritable cornucopia of OCR community goodness in this episode. Besides the conclusion to the contest we started in Episode 059 (and there's a slight twist!), djp has generously provided us with a whopping SIX ReMixes for us to review. And there's all that other fun stuff too, like reports, the RRR, MAGFest 5 coverage, old people, sniffly people, Russian people, and additional zaniness of varying types. If you want to get your October started fo' real, then look no further than Episode 060!

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