Winecast, a podcast by Tim Elliott

Pax Syrah Simulcast

Jan. 8, 2006

Today’s podcast is a bit of a change in the regular format and my first co-host show. It is with Alan Baker, the CellarRat from the Ratcast podcast released in what we think is an unprecedented format: the Simulcast. We talk about and taste a Syrah from Pax Wine Cellars. Show notes: 00:23 - Welcome and show theme 02:39 - Pax Syrah Simulcast 20:27 - Tasting Notes: Pax Wine Cellars, Syrah, Walker Vine Hill Vineyard, Russian River Valley 2003 ($60) 21:27 - An announcement about the future of Winecast 22:26 - Contact details 22:50 - Next show theme UPDATE, Jan. 10, 2006: Thanks to all who have pointed out that we were not the first podcasters to do a simulcast… I still think we are the first wine podcasters to do this type of show, call it a “simulcast” and creatively use Morse code ;-) Feedback: [email protected] | Audio comments: +01-206-33-WINE-9 (+01-206-339-4639) Copyright 2006 Tim Elliott. Licensed to the public under neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.