America's Ambassador Of Music....Mr. B.B. King! (Parts One & Two)

Oct. 8, 2009

Occasionally I run behind with new shows and for that, I apologize. However; there are always a plethera of shows looming in BluePower's background which I can substitute while I work on something new.

This week, I am posting the BB King show I did several years ago. The reason being that it is a good show and quite informative. It speaks of BB's influences, which are significant for young guitarists. They were for me.

Part One deals with the set up at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas where Mr. King was to perform. You get a definite idea as to what instruments BB uses in his ensemble; the set up etc. Good stuff to know.

Then John interviews BB King....truly, one of the nicest men on the planet.

Part Two deals with BB's musical influences as a young musician growing up. His influences may astonish you.

Many thanks to my dear friend, Jim Cantale of ESI Event Services for his efforts on BluePower's behalf.

I do hope you enjoy BB King Parts One and Two.

Thank You,
John Rhys-Eddins

Listen To BB King, Part One!
Listen To BB King, Part Two!

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