The SG Show

The SG Show #41 - Baseball and Movies

May 17, 2006

Listen to the latest show. Summer's nearly here and we're getting ready. Are you?

On this show, we talk about summer family movies, Sam's baseball progress and more. A bunch of you said you loved Astrograss on the music show, so we treat you to one more of their bluegrass delights. Check out more of their tunes on their web site.

Thanks to Me and the Bean for a nice promo for the show! They may have a bean sprout any day now!

Congratulations to Deborah from Camp Tawonga for winning our quiz contest. The new contest is easy! Anyone can win!

Here are some links to things we discussed today:

National Geographic for Kids

More about the inventor of headphones

What are those stomach gurgles all about, anyway?

Why do apples turn brown when you slice them and what can you do to prevent it?

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