House not House

Discoid / House mix

Sept. 7, 2005

Selection of disco and house mixed by Lel Palfrey.
The Popular Peoples Front- "I Love Only You" - The Popular Peoples Front
Stranger - "Motor Boy" - Smash Hit Music
N.Y. House'n' Authority - "APT 1B (Mudd remix)" - TU Rong
Reckless Abandonment - "Disco Lube" - Rush Hour
Franck Roger ft Mandel Turner - "Celebrate" - BRS
Jovonn - "Bring It" - Deeply Rooted House
Franck Roger - "We Walk To Dance" - Seasons Limited
Dennis Ferrer - "Viva Afrika" - UK Promotions
Tugg and Steff ft Zodiac- "Hot Tub" - Stop
Tiger Stripes - "The Vulture" - Ibidan
Liquid Dope - "Go Back" - GB neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.