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Is it Really My Loan? S Corporation Debt Once Again.

June 24, 2006

A few weeks ago (back in April) we looked at the case of Ruckreigel where a taxpayer lost an IRS challenge on whether a debt was truly from the shareholders to the corporation due to a failure to follow the necessary formalities.  This week, the taxpayers strike back with a taxpayer victory in the case of Miller v. Commissioner (TC Memo 2006-125) where the IRS fails in its attempt to reclassify debt that followed the proper form but which the IRS attempted to claim was really debt from the bank to the corporation.

The taxpayer achieved victory on this point and the issue of whether the taxpayer was truly at risk as defined in Section 465, even though when all was said and done the taxpayer got out of all liability as the debt was actually paid by other investors who had guaranteed the entire loan structure.  This is an interesting case in showing the extreme importance of following proper form because, from an economic standpoint, the taxpayers in Ruckreigel seem to have much real exposure to potential loss than Mr. Miller actually ended up having, but he got his deduction.

The materials can be downloaded from http://edzollars.com/2006-06-23_S_Debt.pdf.

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