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When To Fast Podcast

Jan. 2, 2010

How to know when it is time to fast?

Click here to Download the 17 minute mp3 podcast When to Fast to be encouraged in the rewards of fasting!

(3 snapshots on fasting:)
(Jesus said when you fast...
Which leads me to ask when should we fast?)

1) Hannah pouring out her soul so much that she couldn't eat And she looked drunk.
--> we should fast when we are desparate for a breakthrough!

2).Daniel fasting in his old age seeking greater sporitual understanding. (if the guy hadn't experienced enough already with lions and hAnds writing on the wall... Amazingly he hungered for more of God and His word that he was willing to set aside all "choice" food.
--> we should fast when we want physical hunger pains to shout we want God more!

3) nehemiah breaking down when hearing his home country capital was in total devestation. He wept, he cried, he fasted!
--> we should fast when the city is a mess!

I am fasting for breakthroughs in th birth of location #15, for God to chisel me more, and for the far far northside of Chicago that has 600,000 people mostly on their way to hell:( neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.