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The Glycemic Index Diet to Lose Weight, Increase Energy

May 6, 2013

Your metabolism can be your best friend or your worst enemy! You have the know what to eat and when to eat it to get your head in the game of life and your metabolism to work for you and burn that unwanted "energy-fat" in order to have more life enhancing Energy! Finally, This show shares a diet program that gives you the body you want, the energy you desperately need and the min- set you need to succeed. Victoria understands what it feels like to hide behind a jacket, baggy shirts and embarrassing too tight, but too broke to buy new ones, clothes. She Lost The Weight and Regained Her Health and Your Can Too! The Glycemic Index Eating System with my Quick Start Energy Program is an eating and goal setting plan that helps you live your dreams and get healthy once and for all. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.