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5 Tips For a Flat Stomach - Make Your Sexy Hourglass Figure Pop!

Jan. 20, 2016

5 tips for a Flat stomach makes your sexy hourglass figure pop! For the best flat stomach exercises around - look no further if you want to get a flat tummy! It's one thing almost everyone agrees on - the flat stomach exercises you hear all about, need to be easy to do and easy to remember to do. We all want that flat tummy but very few of us keep up the simple stomach exercises - so here are my top 5 tips! How do you get those flat stomach exercises to make the difference to your tummy? For starters why not check out one of our simple stomach exercise videos in my waist training guide as a guide on how to do simple sit-ups in your front room, bedroom, the field at the back of your house etc. We promised you 5 tips for you to achieve a flat stomach (provided you put the work in): 1. Eat Healthy, fiber, cleansing lower belly foods: The biggest problem for most people is that they have too much abdominal fat. Losing that is the first step to a flat stomach, and requires a combination of diet and exercise. Aim to consistently give your body what it needs: fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and lean protein. Eat small regular, meals and drink lots of water. 2. Cardio Exercise : One of the keys to burning fat is steady cardio exercise. Performed at least three times per week for a minimum of twenty minutes, this will start to burn away the fat and reveal the muscles that lie beneath. 3. Abdominal Interval Training : Interval training is very effective at burning fat because it spikes your metabolism, causing you to burn more calories for up to 24 hours after the workout. Of course, you have to work your abs to get that trim shape. A recent study found that the three most effective ab exercises are crunches on an exercise ball, bicycle crunches, and Roman Chair leg lifts. Not sure how to do these? Then.... 4. Work the Abs : 5. Waist Trainer and Sauna Belts, vs training For More Information: Website: Blog: Amazon: neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.