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110 - Hotel Reservations

Dec. 20, 2005

Learn how to make a hotel reservation in English in this podcast.

Slow dialog: 1:27
Explanations: 4:21
Fast dialog: 14:53

I just finished a huge project at work and I needed some down time. I decided to take a short vacation. I liked the idea of a long weekend out of town. My friend Sara offered to let me crash at her place in San Francisco, but I decided to stay at a hotel instead. Sara has a couple of roommates and I thought it might be too crowded.

I called the toll- free reservation number for a major hotel chain. The reservation agent was very helpful, after I got through the long phone tree.

Agent: Dutton Hotels. How may I help you today?

Jeff: I wanted to check rates and availability for your San Francisco location.

Agent: Certainly, I can help you with that. Will that be the downtown or waterfront location?

Jeff: The waterfront location.

Agent: What date do you plan to check in?

Jeff: I'd like to check in on October 12th and check out the 15th.

Agent: Okay, let me see what we have. For how many?

Jeff: One. And, if possible, I'm looking for a non-smoking room.

Agent: Sure, we have a non-smoking queen with an ocean view for $189 or a standard room with a courtyard view for $139 a night.

Jeff: I'd like to book the standard room.

Agent: Okay, your last name?

Jeff: Rama.

Agent: And, your first name?

Jeff: It's Jeff.

Agent: Okay, I have you booked in a standard non-smoking queen, checking in on October 12th and departing the 15th. What major credit card would you like to use to guarantee the reservation?

Jeff: A Visa.

Agent: The number and expiration?

Jeff: It's 7388- 2424-3535- 1818 and the expiration is 05/08.

Agent: Your confirmation number is PD672. Is there anything else I help you with?

Jeff: No, that's all. Thanks.

Agent: Have a nice day and thank you for calling Dutton Hotels.

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

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