Gamechat Live!

Gamechat Live! Episode 39

July 16, 2006

Better late than never, it's the official post-E3 episode of Gamechat Live!

Show Notes:

Revolution becomes the... Wii?!

Official lanuch dates and prices of new consoles: Wii fourh qtr, PS3 Nov. 17

Wii will have 16 launch games!

ESRB changes Oblivion rating from T to M-an outrage!

How to get a refund on an opened game

Preview: Command and Conquer 3: The Tiberium Wars

MIA from E3...

Preview: Spinter Cell: Double Agent

Weird Game of the Week: Hamster VR (not the real title, just my made-up one, since it has no title at this point)

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