LugRadio (high-quality mp3)

LugRadio Live and Unleashed 2009

Oct. 24, 2009

Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Chris Procter, and Adam Sweet in the last ever LugRadio show, from LugRadio Live 2009. Featuring all the previous LugRadio presenters, a wall behind the presenters with abusive Twitter commentary, Jono in a raccoon suit, over a year's delay before the release of this episode, sterling work from Tony Whitmore in getting it all done, and:

  • LugRadio Live: we're not doing it next year!
  • Oracle buy Sun, which bought MySQL: what does this mean for the most popular open-source database?
  • The two LugRadio Live banners, one signed by every attendee of LugRadio Live 2009 and given to MrBen as Community Hero Emeritus, and one signed by the presenters auctioned for ORG and won by Andy Standford-Clark (and see below if you wish it had been you!)
  • What's happened since the very first LugRadio in 2004? A look at the news of yesteryear to see what's changed in the last five years, and why nothing seems to have changed: have we made any progress?
  • What should open source conferences in the UK be like? LRL is over, but should there be other conferences like LRL?
  • Big thanks to people who made LugRadio and all the LugRadio Lives happen; Bytemark, Microsoft, Mike Evans at MSE Design (grab him for all your graphic design needs!), Intellidata (and specifically Ron Wellsted, who did loads for LugRadio), System76, and Linux Magazine. The furthest travelled to LugRadio Live 2009: from New York!

Andy Stanford-Clark, who won the banner signed by all 7 presenters, has decided to auction it to generate more money for ORG, especially as there are people who weren't able to make LRL2009. Please take a look at his auction and give generously! See the eBay auction here!

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