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[FS] Paperclipping 97 - Embellishments in Action [Free Show]

March 27, 2009

Learning the description of a design or artistic principle is not the same thing as being able to really use and understand it. You often need to try it, then see other examples, then try it some more, and over time it makes more and more sense. We’ve done lots of episodes on the principles that lead to great-looking embellishments that don’t detract from the photos. For today’s tutorial, you’ll watch me build, step-by-step, layers of embellishments for 4 different scrapbook pages.

You can watch the video here.

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Design Principles For Great Embellishments

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Layouts From Today’s Episode:

Except for the one full-page sheet, all of the patterned paper you see below came from my scrap tray. No new papers were cut in the making of these layouts. In fact, I used most of the pieces as I found them–already cut or punched!

Aiden Rides
2-page 12×12 layout
Aiden Rides
Journaling to Aiden reads: Trinity got a new bike for her birthday so you’ve inherited her old one for a while. You were so excited to learn so Dad took you out and you were riding right away! The day after you learned you were out again and crashed, but you just kept at it.

Side note: At first you wanted to remove the fringe but once you watched Pee Wee Herman you decided it as cool.

Starbucks Adventures
12×12 layout
Starbucks Adventures
Journaling to my kids: Before Dad started working from home, these visits to Starbucks were a regular event. Dad and I could get some work done while you guys hooked your DS’s together to play a joint game. Nice out-of-the-house adventure. ‘08.

December Daily Page - Gift Wrapping
6×7 minibook
December Daily-Gift Wrapping
Journaling reads: One of my favorite parts of Christmas…dressing up the gifts and placing them under the tree.

Love And Ice Cream Cones
2-page 12×12 layout
Love And Ice Cream Cones
Journaling to Aiden and Trinity reads: While Blake was gone to Science Camp for three days with the 5th grade, we took you two to Crazy Subs for some Rootbeer Float Swirl ice cream cones. We love those huge 79 cent cones. We also love snuggling with you and joking and playing while we eat. 2-5-09

Alright, scrapbookers..are you ready to gather some patterned scraps, some brads or buttons, and maybe a chipboard swirl or rub-on border to add some pizazz to a layout? The key to getting good at this is to practice. I can’t wait to see what you have to show me.

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