knowledge is power

Knowledge is Power 01

July 27, 2005

Welcome to Knowledge is Power.

We start out learning a new word. Fun for all ages.
Every episode will include a segment titled "i wish."
"Do you wish?"
We next learn to count to 12 in Mandarin.
After a musical break of twinkle twinkle in nihongo we
proceed with "interesting stories." This time we discuss
a recent trip to Hawaii where lots of bacon was had by all.
We are always asking "What's your job?"
Hear some of the answers here.
And we can't forget "odd but true", not always news, but always notable.
"3 is the magic mix" sets us up for "Game Time" in which we attempt sudoku.
A little time with Perry mellows it out just before Song Time.
We row row row our way through a dancing duet.
To round it all out we end on a JOKE.
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