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August 4, 2005 - Ep 3 - Cleft Club Radio - 3 - ICE on cell phone, interview with Kristi, The Kite Runner, Rhinoplasty, and news

Feb. 27, 2007

Cleft Club Radio
August 4, 2005
Episode #3

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Apology for no show last week, was sick :(

ICEing your cell phone
- Some warm up to cell phone ICE
- Not directly cleft related but handy in case of emergency

Interview with my daughter Kristi. Talk about starting first grade and watching Charlie and the Chocalate Factory (a little scary but very funny)

Rhinoplasty - what is it?
- CLP Link Directory link
- Personal Experience Database link - add your story!

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hossein
- About a friendship of two boys. Amir, son of wealthy father, other is Hassan, son of Amir’s servant, and was born with a cleft lip.
- Takes place from the 1970s to present day in Afganistan.
- Published in 2003, was #1 NYT’s Best Sellers List
- Can buy it here

“1 Hit of Meth Is Too Much in Pregnancy”
WebMD Medical News
Low doses of methamphetamine is found to increase chance of birth defects, as little as one use

“Ailing boy has determined friends in Tier”
11 yr old Pirabu from Sri Lanka, survivor of the tsunami, lost his father in the massive storm, and lives with his mother in a refugee camp. Health care workers are trying to get him to have surgery done on his cleft palate. Without it, he is a higher risk to infection and bad nutrition

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