Viral Marketing Using Online Games, with Matt Ramsay

Sept. 2, 2007

Stranova Interview Series Vol. 29, published September 2, 2007. With its seemingly effortless ability to spread the word rapidly about new products and services, viral marketing has become advertising’s modern equivalent of the Holy Grail. One of the most important segments of this new field is Viral Gaming, in which your product or service is featured in a custom-designed online computer game. The game keeps you on the site while educating your customers on all the aspects of your product. And even better, the game gets passed around from customer to customer in record time and with little intervention from you, because it is fun to play -- all at the same time that it spreads the word about your company’s message.

In our current interview, with Matt Ramsay, Business Development Director of InBox Digital, one of the biggest players in digital marketing, you will learn about how Viral Gaming works -- and why it just might change the way you think of marketing your company in the future. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.