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Episode I: Fudge et al

Sept. 9, 2005

Hello to all my readers, listeners and gamers!

Do I have a fully-packed podcast for you! In fact, there was so much information that it took me until now to be able to release this podcast for your enjoyment! Please feel free to comment on what you hear, check out the great links provided, and I hope you'll leave a comment! Also, feel free to send me feedback at [email protected]

First off, Jude Thaddaeus of Crochet For Men's podcast did all my intros for me. Please check out his podcast as well at http://crochetformen.blogspot.com

In this, my first official podcast, you will hear:

  • News stories pertinent to all my listeners
  • Quite a lot of informtion on Fudge (and some games that use the system)
  • An interview with Tim Huntley, owner of Domibia Games
  • A bi-weekly feature: Game Tip of the Episode
  • A FREE item for you all to enjoy


Here are the promised links from my podcast during the news section:

Dungeons & Dragons II: Wrath of the Dragon God as covered by:
Gamers II: Dorkness Rising
Domibia Games & Seraphim Guard merger
China's new law reguarding online roleplaying time limits


Links for the information I provided on the Fudge RPG system:
Interview with Tim Huntley

Hello Tim! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

My pleasure, Mike. I am honored to be here.

And we're happy you are here, too. Let's get started. Can you please tell us more about the Domibia and Seraphim Guard merger?

It actually started a lot longer ago than the press release indicates. After Seraphim Guard, Inc. effectively disbanded leaving Michael (Hopcroft) with the business and a few products, my wheels started turning. I'd always wanted something better for Domibia Games, and I thought it such a crime that Seraphim Guard -- one of the first commercial Fudge publishers -- was on the verge of oblivion, with it's key product -- HeartQuest -- in someone else's hands

So I purchased all of Michael's interest in Seraphim Guard, thinking that as majority shareholder I'd quickly get voted in as President, and I could start putting the pieces back together again. Sadly, I could not have been more mistaken. It was an uphill battle, and without the assistance of William Andersen, of Comstar Games I would have long ago backed out of the deal.

With William's help, I was able to consolidate the assets of Seraphim Guard, Inc. with Domibia Games, and transfer them all into Seraphim Guard, LLC, a new company formed specifically to house the merger.

Why did the merger happen?

Honestly? I didn't want to see Seraphim Guard and HeartQuest disappear. I felt that Seraphim Guard needed strong management and that HeartQuest should be a Seraphim Guard product. I made it my mission to see that happen.

Why did you want to merge with Seraphim Guard?

There's actually a little method to my madness here. First off, the obvious reasons -- Seraphim Guard was in dire straits, and I knew I could get it back on track. Beyond that, Domibia Games had Gatecrasher -- the first complete, commercial RPG based on the Fudge System. Seraphim Guard was one of the first commercial Fudge publishers, with another of the first complete, commercial RPGs based on the Fudge System -- HeartQuest. Having two such renowned Fudge products under the banner of a mature Fudge publishing house -- Seraphim Guard -- seemed like an excellent foundation for one heck of a game company.

What are the benefits to the gamer due to this merger?

The main benefit is that the HeartQuest and Gatecrasher fans out there will see renewed interest in, and support for, their favorite game lines. In addition, we've got the right people in the right places to run the business and develop new games. In short, Seraphim Guard is back, isn't going anywhere, and is stronger than ever.

What is your interest in the HeartQuest and Steel Roses books?

There's actually two answers to that question. Primarily I'm somewhat of an anime neophyte. Through HeartQuest, Steel Roses, and the guidance of my staff, I am learning more and more every day about this exciting genre. I'm learning that what I once thought were cheap, mass-produced cartoons are actually a very refined and dynamic art form, every bit as engaging as any multi-million dollar Hollywood extravaganza. Secondarily, these products are, in my opinion, cornerstones of the commercial Fudge market.

Tell us a little bit about the combination package now available on RPGNow.

Ah, the HeartQuest Anime/Shoujo Bundle. Basically, this bundle is made up of both the HeartQuest Core Rules -- the essential rules to role-play romance, intrigue and adventure in the worlds of shoujo manga -- and Steel Roses: the HeartQuest Guide to Mecha, packaged as one complete product. With the HeartQuest Anime/Shoujo Bundle you can immerse yourself and your players in any shoujo or anime scenario you can imagine.

The financial struggles that are currently plaguing Guardians of Order are are no secret, and they've had to push back the release of BESM 3rd Edition to December. While I hate to see that happen to our friends at GoO (Seraphim Guard is a member of the Magnum Opus program for both BESM d20 and Tri-Stat dX) it does leave an opening in the market for a good, solid anime RPG. I think the HeartQuest Anime/Shoujo Bundle -- and the upcoming HeartQuest Second Edition slated for release in 2006 -- are prime contenders to fill that opening.

Could you explain the benefits of buying this combination online RIGHT NOW at RPGNow?

It would make me really happy? (Laughs) The main benefit is that the HeartQuest Anime/Shoujo Bundle is VERY inexpensive -- it's priced to move at only $9.95 on RPGNow.com for both HeartQuest Core Rules and Steel Roses. That's quite a bargain. The other benefit is that with those two volumes, you have everything you need to enter our HeartQuest Setting Search -- we need sample settings for HeartQuest Second Edition, and we'd like our HeartQuest fans to write them. We're hoping to select three total settings for HeartQuest Second Edition; those that are selected will be a part of the HeartQuest Second Edition book and the author will get a royalty-free license to the HeartQuest trademarks for expanding their setting and/or developing support materials for it. Details are, of course, available on our website.

Well, once again thank you for taking the time to hear our questions and giving some great and informative answers.

It's been a pleasure, Mike, and I look forward to our interview in two weeks. Sorry about the negative four die roll on remembering my mic!

Again, if you did not catch it, please Click Here to get the HeartQuest bundle for $9.95!!

Free Item

Ultimate Total Party Killer

That wraps up this episode. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I will see you all in two weeks!

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