AJAM (The Adam Jon & Mitch Show)

AJAM 120

March 16, 2008

Tonight we reach our 120th episode and we pretty much used it up talking about mostly two things. Why? Who knows? We just started talking and a show was born. Well the show this week end up being about mostly nothing but golf and American Idol. In the golf world we were discussing the excitement surrounding Tigers win today(Sunday) and then it went from there to talking about the Masters upcoming and really just a variety of golf related topics from there. After that we did talk about American Idol and the possibility that they have extended the Beatles week to one more week. Well, at least that is the impression that we were given when the show left us last week. Even though the weakest performance did not get voted off this past week. I still believe that the voters made a good choice in choosing Hernandez to be voted off. You really could have gone with either him or Kristy Lee Cook and been justified. The only good reason I can see for keeping Kristy around for at least one more week is for the eye candy. I do think that as far as the bottom three went this week I would have replaced Syesha with Ramielle. Oh well, there is my two cents worth. Send us your comments. [email protected]

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