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021 – Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead – Mother & Daughter Share How Anyone Can Get Started and Create Success & Freedom – The Flip Flop CEO Story

March 19, 2014

We’re NOT experts, we’re just LIVING Proof that this does work and you can do it too.  Today David is interviewing to beautiful woman Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead, Mother and Daughter.  Janine has always had a passion for helping others, especially when it comes to achieving financial independence and knows what it is like to be over whelmed, overworked, underpaid and losing hope.   Lory, Janine’s daughter had so many questions about life and what she should be doing, why it had to look a certain way, just because everyone else seems to be okay waking up to an alarm clock, driving through an insane amount of traffic just to sit in a ridiculously small space called an office, and look busy all day while wishing they were somewhere else with different people. And, she decided she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Janine and Lory knew they wanted freedom and found something they were both passionate about to live their best life.   Today Janine & Lory will share:  Janine’s introduction to Network Marketing 30 years ago and how she felt about this industry at this time. Lory’s life before Network Marketing and how she discovered it. How one of them was a BELIEVER and one was a SKEPTIC. Know you can have it all, Freedom, Money & Health. The feeling of truly helping those you care about most, and how some of those people may steal your DREAMS. Life does not have to be hard Some advice on what to do if YOU are just starting out in this Industry. The Importance of NOT COMPARING companies or yourselves let it go. They will share a bit of what their book is about The Flip Flop CEO and why we should all read it. Janine and Lory are beautiful, you will feel how close they are and how extremely passionate they are about this industry and truly living their lives. Favorite Quotes: “When you change the way your look at things, the things you look at change.” “If you love your choices, you don’t have to worry about anyone else loving your choices.” “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” “Listen to your Heart above all other voices.” “She not only saw the light at the end of the tunnel she became the light, she became that light for others.” “Change the way you look at things, and things you look at change.” Favorite books: The Flip Flop CEO The 45 Second Presentation That will Change Your Life Master Key to Riches Dare to Dream Work to Win The Slight Edge Business of The 21st Century The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life Useful Links: To find out more about Network Marketing check out  David’s Network Marketing Mythbusters on youtube here.     Also register for David’s new show  Get Your 12 Free Videos neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.