Squats and Espresso

5 Squats and Espresso: Dr. Theresa Larson

July 9, 2014

Dr. Theresa Larson tortured the living shit out of me for eight hours and then we had a very pleasant conversation over espresso and sangria. Aside from being one of MobilityWOD.com’s movement mercenaries (BOOM! Alliteration suckas!), she’s been a Marine officer, a professional softball player and a Body-For-Life Champion, so  you know… she’s busy. She’s crazy smart, super nice and totally seemed like she could punch a hole in my face. All in all a complete delight!

We discuss the performance benefits to tissue change, the pros and cons of traditional medical practices, personal responsibility in therapy and recovery, 

adaptive athletics and how sometimes even doctors get into turf wars. 

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