Squats and Espresso

8 Squats and Espresso: Syn Martinez of AFROBRUTALITY

Aug. 12, 2014


This week we talk to the Sadistic Coach himself, Founder of CrossFit Harlem, Creator of the AfroBrutality Brand and disruptor extraordinaire Syn Martinez. Syn talked with us about his journey from fat to fierce-as-fuck, the origin story of CrossFit Harlem, what it’s like building your own personal team of X-men and so much more! That’s not a cheesy marketing phrase, we talked about A LOT OF STUFF, this clocks in at our longest podcast to date and was so full of info we almost broke it into two episodes.  But “to be continued” episodes have always been lame so we crammed in every last minute (we’re talking to you PUNKY BREWSTER). We talked about why abs are bullshit, the good and bad of Paleo, big weight versus endurance, the value of gymnastics in early life, creating a brand while building a community and being who you are. Learn why AfroBrutality has such impact on it’s fans and why trying to please everyone is a weak option. Why pissing some people off can be a good thing. And why if you’re true to your voice, your audience will find you.

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