Squats and Espresso

10 Squats and Espresso: LIFT BIG EAT BIG (Brandon Morrison)

Sept. 8, 2014


We talked to the founder of Lift Big Eat Big: Brandon Morrison. This one of the most fun podcasts we’ve had. Brandon was a delight and really gave us some new insights into the sport of STRONGMAN, building real strength and how CrossFit and specialization don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

We COULD give a quick synopsis, but we frankly talk about too much damn stuff, so here’s a bullet list.

  • Why Brandon Morrison doesn’t like being called “Bro”.
  • What he really means when he calls you “Chief”.
  • How Derek watches “Biggest Loser” for all the wrong reason.
  • Why we all hate running and why it’s bad news for power athletes.
  • Why a strict Paleo or Low-Carb diet may not be your path to ultimate fitness.
  • Brandon and I disagreeing about the existence of zombies.
  • The difference between training for STRONGMAN and training for CrossFit with Strongman events.
  • The joy of being called “obese” and “skinny” in the same day.
  • Why protein shakes ata  competition are pointless.
  • The psychology of being destroyed by your workouts. (and why it may be ruining your progress)
  • Discussions about why “The Hound” would make a good drinking buddy, but you should be training to be “The Mountain”.
  • Why the spartans were assholes. (and slave-owners and kid-touchers)
  • Are “Hybrid” and “Light weight” strongman events expanding or diluting the sport?
  • Overcoming the “good ol’ boys” mentality of fringe sports and getting past the “back in the old days” bullshit.
  • Creating an entry point for smaller athletes, because not all of us can lift 400lbs on our first day in the gym.
  • The way the sport of fitness changes as you get heavier.
  • What it means to be the “Little Buddy Helper” in the gym.
  • The openness of CrossFitters and why that can be their greatest strength and greatest weakness.
  • A series of dares or physical challenges are not the same as programming.
  • The official end of bacon and leg day jokes.
  • Eating 52 eggs and White Russians as a hangover cure.
  • Eating until you fall asleep.
  • Why the rounded-back dead lift may actually save your spine.
  • Stupid people on comment threads (so, MOST of them).
  • Shaking the tree of your own community to see how many idiots fall out.
  • and… Not pooping.







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