Squats and Espresso

25 Squats and Espresso: Stephanie Lee (Fit N' Geeky)

Jan. 26, 2015

Howdy Folks! Consider this the geekiest among all our geeky podcasts. We’ve got the adorkable Stephanie Lee of http://www.fitngeeky.tv/ and http://www.bodybuilding.com/

 about, well just a lot of stuff. We get into the lie of “just wanting to get healthy”, the differences between coaches and athletes, the virtues of aesthetic goals and the good and bad side of paleo. We’ll also have a grand ol’ time talking about Steph’s background at IGN, her gig at http://www.bodybuilding.com/ and he amazing series of videos at http://www.fitngeeky.tv/



Most fun of all, we get into eating food on a dare, bionic limbs, the virtues of Solo-Campaign vs. Multi-Player, Borderlands 2, not giving a flying fuck about next-gen consoles and strong females in fitness and video games. I had SO much fun on this one. Oh, we also talk about bikini armor, because… what the shit is that about?

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