Squats and Espresso

29 Squats and Espresso: Jamie Hagiya

March 16, 2015

Jamie Hagiya joins us this week. Owner of Torrance CrossFit, NPGL competitor for the Phoenix Rise and apparent leadfoot, she talked with us about getting pulled over on the way to Arizona, the joys of turning 30 and the longevity of the Lexus. We also discussed her recovery following a ruptured achilles (no this is not a repeat podcast, that was Jennyfer Roberts, RACIST!), her past as a Pro-Baller in Greece, how CrossFit/Weightlifting competitions are exciting for 5 minutes and boring for 9 hours.


Jaime was a delight, we got to talking about the OPEN, our feelings on the programming and format changes, stalking people’s scores and how some regions simple aren’t equal.

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