Squats and Espresso

35 Dr. Eva Selhub

May 14, 2015

This week we talk with Dr. Eva Selhub author of YOUR HEALTH DESTINY, THE LOVE RESPONSE and YOUR BRAIN ON NATURE (http://www.drselhub.com/books/)

. Eva will share her thoughts on a holistic wellness approach to health and fitness, using CrossFit to heal from chronic injury and the balance between “pushing yourself” and “knowing you body”.

Eva was one of our most fascinating interviews. We get into the difference between exercise and survival for out ancient ancestors, how being stuck with a needle changed her life trajectory (possibly for the better) and we even have a polite disagreement on the proper volume and application of caffeine (can you guess what my stance was?).


Listen in to hear how:

Electric light may be ruining your gains

Injury in the gym is tied to bad posture outside the gym

Negative Attitude’s effect on performance

Stress (friend or foe?)

Balancing Your Body and why overcorrection is so common

Choosing your words

and Coping With Daily Life


Learn more at: http://www.drselhub.com



NOTE: We apologize for barking corgis in this podcast.

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