Squats and Espresso

36 Blair Herter

June 9, 2015

Howdy Quadzillas! Sorry for the down time, Squats and Espresso had to handle some stuff on his home planet, BUT WE’RE BACK!


BLAIR HERTER IS ON THE SHOW (yes that Blair Herter). We talked way too much about nerd culture, growing up when being nerdy wasn’t cool and the evolution of creative culture. Since this is suppose to be a fitness podcast we also talked about http://www.nerdstronggym.com/ , bucking the stereotype of the out-of-shape nerd, finding your own path to health and raising a son with a healthier, fitter set of ideas. This show was personally a lot of fun for me, we got deep into the idea of BEING YOUR OWN HERO and how the human body can break out of the boxes society tries to push us into.



To train to be your own hero check out: http://www.nerdstronggym.com/

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