Squats and Espresso

38 Team East Valley: Analisa Marquez, Samuel Leehe

June 30, 2015

Sam and Analisa drop by the echo chamber that is my living room, We make lots of visual jokes and chew into the microphone ENJOY THE AUDIO MEDIUM OF PODCAST! (seriously, sorry for the whining puppy, Cannoli the Corgi was excited to have guests)


We get into:

  • The lineage of CrossFit Infernal as an example of how gym evolve over the years.
  • The focus required for physique and bodybuilder competitions.
  • The MYTH of “Trying Out” for East Valley CrossFit
  • How EAST VALLEY CROSSFIT builds a game plan for competition season in Crossfit.
  • The difference between planning for The Open, Regionals and The Games.
  • The dangers of line dancing and a cash bar at a wedding.
  • Analisa outs herself to LITERALLY no one and I find out she hangs out at the same line-dancing bar as my best friend.
  • Sam and I bore the shit out of Analisa by talking about video games and Dungeons and Dragons and...
  • Why the people who created the game GHOULS N’ GHOSTS are vile scumbags who should burn in hell.

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