Squats and Espresso

39: Matt Foreman (Catalyst Athletics)

July 31, 2015

Howdy Quadzillas! This week’s guest is prolific Matt Foreman who you may know from:

  • His Writings on Catalyst Athletics
  • His Books “Bones of Iron” and "Olympic Weightlifting for Masters
  • His American Open Titles
  • His Collegiate Record
  • The 2004 Olympic Trials
  • His state records in both Washington and Arizona
  • The Scottish Highland Games
  • His Football and Track Coaching
  • His Coverage of Kong Fest
  • and his full and magnificent beard.

Matt dropped by the echo-chamber and we talked about the shift in attitudes about both weightlifting and CrossFit, as well as how the two modalities have transitioned from feuding sub-cultures to allies in fitness with CrossFit increasing the install-base and Weightlifting increasing the proficiency.

We also talk about:

  • Some of the greatest sins committed in the gym.
  • Switching Modalities
  • Getting stronger in the face of age, injury and surgery
  • The shame of a 700lb squat
  • Giving props to LA Fitness
  • and Whores


Learn more about Matt Foreman:


You Can get his books at the links below:

“Bones of Iron” 

"Olympic Weightlifting for Masters




Image Sourced From: http://catalystathletics.com

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