Squats and Espresso

44 Have You Met Leanda? Part 1 (Leanda Keahi-Bevans)

Sept. 2, 2015

Have you met Leanda? 

If not, you probably haven’t been in the Southwest CrossFit community for long.

 We're going to talk with the CrossFit spirit animal of the southwest about... alot.


  • Tourists die from dehydration in AZ ALL THE TIME!
  • Why doctors are apparently telling Hawaiians that it’s totally cool to get fat, give up and die
  • Having a kid brave enough to tell their parent “Get off your fat ass Mom!”
  • Being trapped in the cycle of obesity and depression and how you can get out.
  • When it’s better to ignore your doctor
  • Why a Crossfit Kids Certification May teach you more about coaching adults than the L1
  • The tactical mistake of telling Leanda she can talk as long as she likes (just kidding, she’s delightful).

  • The fun, exciting and exhausting experience of being a CrossFit Games Volunteer

  • Why the Volunteers at the CrossFit Games may be doing more lifting than some of the Athletes.

  • Why being a volunteer at the crossfit games is even more fun than being a spectator

  • Stopping your education at your L1 makes you a crummy coach

REMINDER!: This is a 2 Part Podcast, Part 2 coming next week!


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