Squats and Espresso

49: The Legalities of Gym Ownership - Paul Ticen

Jan. 14, 2016

In this episode we get answers to some of the biggest legal questions regarding gym/box ownership, music copywriter, liability and asset protection:

  • What most people running a GYM don’t know that WILL hurt them
  • Should you be setting up a legal entity or a sole proprietorship?
  • Protecting your personal assets from professional mishaps
  • Why you may be setting yourself up for an IRS audit if you’re treating your coaches as contractors
  • Music licensing on social media, youtube and more
  • What a cease and desist order REALLY means
  • The difference between copyright, patents and trademarks
  • How and why media companies sue and whether you’re at risk
  • And Why even if you’re in the right, you may not be able to afford to defend yourself
  • How much insurance your gym really needs
  • Creating a proper liability release and waiver document
  • Why documents are great, but you’re still going in front of a jury
  • How to navigate Lease and Land Agreements
  • How many trademark battles are simply corporate bullying
  • What you can legally put on a t-shirt
  • Protecting yourself from a lawsuit with a client, by just being a good person

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