Darker Projects: Generation 1

Welcome to Generation 1

Sept. 2, 2006

Generation 1 Introduction with Mark Bruzee (0:57, 1.4MB MP3)

Generation 1 takes place after a group of catyclismic events happen to earth.. Floods, Tidal waves, Earthquakes all attack humankind in 2115. In the midst of all this carnage, viruses become mutated by radiation leaks. The earthquakes have ruptured the underground Nuclear Waste sites and released radiation into the atmosphere. Some exploded creating Radiation Fire Storms across the earth.

These SUPER viruses have no cure, according to the 10 Guardian computers that aid humankind. The ONLY Solution is to place the best and the brightest Children into stasis and pray that the earth heals itself. The 10 Guardians are placed over the Colonies or Bio Domes.

It is now 2563 and the earth HAS healed.. but WHAT is left of the old world?

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