#229 Thanks for Nothing Bernie

Nov. 8, 2012

After trapesing nearly 12000 kilometers there was no one allowed into the Abu Dhabi circuit to watch the V8 Supercar races although it was pretty boring anyway with a trifecta for The Chin. Add insult to injury with Wayne Garder Mk II turning up and throwing his short person weight around like a nancy boy. And then there is the rather curious matter of The Gis and Lethal Lee who has been anything but saying a cya to SBR. Meanwhile Eddy Cue gets on the board of directors at Ferrari which means your next GT3 will run Siri and a much enhanced version of Maps. Thankfully. FRP in the dumps. JP has some wine ideas. Oz Targa app in iTunes. DC Comics in the iBookstore. Apple bails Sharp out to ensure better supply chain is in place. Will FaceTime be in the poo after VirnetX gets a 368M payout for use of their VPN. Foxconn troubles. Xbox SmartGlass app made by Seattle idiots or worse. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.