#238 Reverse Rolex Rumps

Jan. 31, 2013

Despite speculation Christian Horner resigns for Red Bull and not Ferrari whilst we delve further into the reasons why Harty is hated at Chez JP. The lack of a German GP may have something to do with Bernie not wanting to go to Germany again. Huge server disruptions at RH have now been solved. How the Rolex GX class saved the bacon for Porsche at Daytona 24. Silly Ferrari F1 naming conventions. Gleeso gets an Oz Day gong. DJR almost down and out after backer pulls the pin and therefore Allan gets no enduro 2012 pay packet but he does get a full season WEC drive with Aston Martin. Why Ozz Negri is not black. Top Gear Eastern Creek. Keithy George calls in after having a run in a sprint car at Granville and does quite a bit of hanging around with Moto GP star Randy deP. Blackberry shows off its new B10 and RIM changes name. The Life of Pye in V8SC. Daytona anticlockwise watches. Unusual cuts of rump steak. iPad goes 128GB. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.