Observations: The QandO Podcast

Observations for 11 Nov 16

Nov. 11, 2016

Our long, national nightmare is truly over, and the Clinton Dynasty no longer hangs over our neck like a millstone. No one saw the Trump victory coming, even though they should've. The Left is having the biggest temper tantrum ever, while Democrats have the worst electoral result since Reconstruction. Prediction: Donald Trump will not put gays and Jews into camps. Obama's response to the Trump win has been gracious and the nation should appreciate the peaceful transition of power. Who's going to pay for the big infrastructure program? Will The Wall be built (We already know who'll pay for that if it is)? In 1980, Ronald Reagan was an "amiable dunce" who'd get us into a nuclear war. In 1988, we thought of him differently. Will we think differently of Donald Trump when his presidency ends? The podcast ends on a note of, unbelievably, cautious optimism.

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