Observations: The QandO Podcast

Observations for 07 Apr 17

April 7, 2017

The weather forecast for Syria this week was partly cloudy, with a 100% chance of missiles. Perhaps this was part of a fiendishly clever plot by Vladimir Putin. Anyway, messages were sent. The same Democrats who supported eliminating the Senate filibuster in 2013 are now complaining that the Senate is dead, because Republicans finally did what they wanted to do four years ago. But, of course, the 17th Amendment killed the Senate long ago. Jared Kushner's body armor protected him in Afghanistan...while Steve Bannon's apparently didn't. There was terror attack in Sweden, committed by men whose names probably weren't Lars or Sven. Susan Rice's friends assure us that, after a comprehensive investigation, they've determined that their friend, Susan Rice, did nothing wrong.

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