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Observations for 17 Aug 18

Aug. 17, 2018

The media requested the identities of the jurors in the Paul Manafort trial, from a judge who has received threats and requires US Marshal protection as a result. It's hard to discount the idea that doxxing the jurors is an attempt to open them up to outside...um...influence. Former CIA chief John Brennan's security clearance was pulled by the Trump administration. Brennan claimed that this was an attempt to violate his freedom of speech in an Op-Ed article he penned for the nation's largest newspaper, the New York Times. The loon shouters are winning the Internet..or, at least, social media. Democrats are accusing Judge Kavanaugh of lying to the Senate when he said the confirmation of a Bush-era Federal judge was not primarily his responsibility, because when the administration wanted to have a meeting about the judge, Kavanaugh reserved the conference room. Michigan state Senate candidate Betty Cook Scott, running against Stephanie Chang, urged her constituents against voting for the "ching-chong". We'll need an extraordinarily complex chart to figure out how much, if any, racism was involved in the comment. A new report from a Pennsylvania DA documents 70 years of child molestation and coverup by the Catholic Church's hierarchy in that state.

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