Observations: The QandO Podcast

Observations for 13 Sep 19

Sept. 13, 2019

The Democrats had an interminable debate this week, the upshot of which was: Kamala Harris believes that if the Constitution says "No, you can't", then the best response is "Yes, we can"; Beto O'Rourke says "Hell yes, we are coming for your AR-15s"; finally, Elizabeth Warren says that the Great Spirit wants single-payer health care for our tribe. It's wierd when Joe Biden has becomne the voice of reason and sanity. Donald Trump Fired John Bolton, who claims he resigned. Bolton will now have to just go back onto to television to explain how he's never seen a bomb that didn't need to be dropped on foreigners, or a foreign country that couldn't see a net improvement by being subjected to that bombing. China may be blinking at the thought of full-scale trade war.

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