Episode 3: The Switcher

Oct. 22, 2005

This one's pretty serious, folks. I promise next time I'll do something stupid like inhale pepper. The kids will love that. Here's what we covered: - That 2004 Show First episode: "October" - Interview with a Switcher (Brendan Houle) Q: Why did you consider a Mac? A: It's UNIX. Q: Why did you finally buy? A: iBook came with everything he needed, at an affordable price. Q: Was it easy to understand the product line? A: What's the 12" PowerBook for? Q: How did you order? A: Apple Online Store with student discount Q: Initial reactions? A: It works! Q: Mac's biggest advantage? A: GarageBand and integration between applications. Q: Any frustration? A: Can't control system-driven JPEG compression. Q: What are you glad to be free of? A: Viruses and the Windows Registry Q: What are your essential applications? A: Mail, iCal, Safari, Dashboard (Weather, Stickies, iCal Events) Q: Any advice for potential switchers? A: Do it! Q: Hard to live in a Windows-centric world? A: Mac users will get through anything, and compatibility, especially with networking, is a non-issue on the Mac. - Spotlight tip - Tech News (Aperture, Open Office 2.0, PowerMacs, PowerBooks, HD) - Podcast software

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