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Identify and Lean Into Your Strengths in the Face of AI

June 5, 2023

On this episode of School of Podcasting, Dave Jackson covers a range of topics, including the importance of feedback before launching a podcast, insights from the Beatles' interviews (and how they apply to podcasting), the importance of relatability in storytelling, and a challenge to describe one's podcast in 10 words without using certain words.

Dave also reflects on how technology has advanced and the nerves that come with it. The guest in this episode is a former street kid turned rapper who shares his inspiring story and encourages people to focus on what makes them unique. Lastly, the podcast discusses the impact of robots on people's jobs and shares a tool called 11 Labs that can generate fake voices. Tune in to this episode to learn more about podcasting and get inspired by the stories shared by its guests.

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This exercise is from the book Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling.
Describe your podcast in no more than ten words, and do so in a way that describes nothing else in the world. The fun part is you CAN'T use any of these words. PDF

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00:00:00 - Robo Dave
00:00:42 - Opening
00:01:39 -
00:03:03 - Robocasting
00:03:49 - Surprise Visit From Joe
00:04:29 - Things Are Going to Get Weird
00:05:09 - The One Thing Robots Can't Do
00:06:24 - People Can Relate To Your Experience
00:08:27 - Double-Down on Being Human
00:08:43 - Taylor Swift Embraces Her Strength
00:09:33 - Talk to one Person -And Give Your Audience What They Want
00:10:48 - We Like to See and Hear Ourselves in Others
00:14:03 - What Makes a Good Podcast?
00:15:36 - Join the School of Podcasting Community (
00:16:37 - Podcasting Observations Newsletter (
00:16:51 - The Beatles Talked to One Person ()
00:17:25 - The Beatles Play 576 in 48 Days ()
00:18:28 - They See You Before They Hear You ()
00:18:45 - Proof Of Concept Before Big Launch ()
00:21:04 - Amazing Interviews Made People Want to Know More ()
00:21:53 - Know Your Guest and Avoid Sounding Stupid ()
00:22:33 - Can Your Audience Relate To Your Content? ()
00:24:48 - Content and Delivery ()
00:26:44 - Question of the Month (
00:27:47 - Where Will I Be? ()
00:28:16 - Conclusion (
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