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24º Class (the Last): Space as Information

June 24, 2020

24º Class (the Last): Space as Information

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Thursday June 11, 2020
6:00 pm Rome12:00 noon New York9:00 am San Francisco

Space at center

Space as "Organ"

Space as "System"

Space as Information

But Now we can Go to a short  theoretical prove.
Let's Use colour

Three characteristics

A. Contextual


Conclusion Color exists or not exists ?Eletrtromagnetc radiations exist.Colur being inscribed in the Contextual, Physiological and Cognitive sides is in reality Information
Which is easy to understand!
Same thing for space
Matter exists, but Space is again inscribed in the Contextual, Physiological and Cognitive sidesthere fore it  belongs to the human conventional constructs of information.
Some practical examples
Marcos Novak at the Biennale of Venice, year 2000

see Movie
nITro Group Tecno Primitivo

See Movie InfoSpaces Behaviors
nITro Goup Reciprocal 1 Gioiosa Marea

See Movie

ReadingsAntonino Saggio, Perchè rappresentare l'invisibile Why Represent the invisible?"Disegnare" n. 50
Jakob von Uexküll Ambienti animali e ambienti umani. Una passeggiata in mondi sconosciuti e Invisibili, Quolibet

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