Write Pack Radio

Submissions: Worry, Regret and Rejection

Aug. 31, 2014

Recorded in front of a live audience at Writers in the Park, a free writers conference given by St. Louis Writers Guild (www.stlwritersguild.org) in the heat of a St. Louis August, Write Pack Radio explores facing the worry, regret and rejection that comes with submitting our writing. The Write Pack is joined by authors Margo Dill (http://www.margodill.com/) and Sarah M. Anderson (http://www.sarahmanderson.com) . How do you face the fear of submission? How do you face the worry? How do you face the rejection? Is it different for the pre-published author or does it ever change for the well published author? Does it take a different skill to write a query letter than to write a novel or short story? What are some of the mistakes people make with query letters? Should you insult competitors? What kind of research should you do before you query? Why should you bother with following an agent’s format, after all aren’t they all the same? Should your book be written, edited and polished well before you submit a query? Should you worry about comparing your story to others already out there? How long does it take for a book to go from query to publication, if the work is accepted? Should you write your next book while you are waiting to hear on your query? Is it worth worrying while you wait? How do series get published? How do you deal with rejection? Once you are published, do you ever have to worry about being rejection again? Will you always get a rejection letter? Is it possible to write a story everyone will want? What are the real odds of getting traditionally published? Should you get involved in genre focused organizations? Are there predators that want to prey on authors? Where can you research these people at?  You can find Write Pack Radio on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and Blog Talk Radio.

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