Write Pack Radio

Addiction and Writing

Dec. 7, 2014

Addiction and Writing In this episode of Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack explores the addiction: the addiction to writing, the use of addiction in stories, and how there is an idea that you can’t write unless you are drunk or stoned first. Can you be addicted to writing? Can you be addicted to something you have a passion for? After all, how can you be addicted to something that doesn’t have any chemical substance? Is it the high of disappearing into a different world? Can readers be addicted to a series? What is the difference between obsession, passion, and addiction? Can you be addicted to food? What are some of the stereotypical addictions of writers? Has it changed from alcohol to caffeine? Some poets and writers believe that you need to smoke marijuana to write. But what is the real reason why some writers have to drink or take drugs for them to write?   Can you be addicted to social media? Why are writers open to addiction? How do you write about addiction, especially if you have never been addicted to anything? How do you avoid the tropes?  All episodes available at:    -  iTunes    -  Blog Talk Radio    -  TuneIn    -  And other platforms New episodes every Sunday

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