Write Pack Radio

Pet Peeves of the Portrayal of Women in Fiction

May 3, 2015

In this episode of Write Pack Radio, the panel is made up only of our women writers and they discuss the questions that bother them as they watch female characters portrayed in books, TV and movies. When are female characters not written like a woman? Why is there the “token woman”? Why does it appear that women are only portrayed either as the romance plot or to further the male character’s plot by their death? Why do mothers have to show up to nag the woman about why they are not married, but this doesn’t happen to male characters? Why do the female characters always have to date “plot point” male characters? Why do the female characters “make a change” for the male character? Have these troupes started to be turned around in children’s movies, TV, and books? What are the dangers of trope portrayals that go beyond the media? Why does fiction glorify male “stalker and abuser” behavior as being ideal for a partner for the female characters? Why do the female characters have to be the “cabbage head”?        What is “strong female character vs. “strong” female characters?

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