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To have a Pen Name or Not to have a Pen Name?

Aug. 23, 2015

In this episode of Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack explores the question if writers need a pen name. Why should you have a pen name? Why should you not have a pen name? Does having a pen name help solve the “friend” issues of online books stores? How does the pen name link to branding? What are some of the bad reasons for having a pen name?   Per Writing-World, which was used in this recording: http://www.writing-world.com/business/pseudonym.shtml   Some bad reasons: I'd like something more exotic. I'd like a name that reflects my inner self. I don't want anyone to know that I'm the author. I don't want my relatives/friends/coworkers to know that I'm writing about them. No one will respect me because I'm a ------ (fill in the blank).   Good reasons: Your writing could interfere with other aspects of your career. You write in more than one genre or field. You write in a genre that has "expectations" about its authors. You have a history of failure. You have the same name as an existing author. You are writing a collaborative work. You are using a publisher's "house name." You hate your name. You write for competing publications.    Find all of our episodes on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. A new episode every Sunday.

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