The Life Coach School Podcast

Ep #497: Negative Self Noise

Oct. 26, 2023

Do you ever suddenly find yourself down the rabbit hole of negative self talk?


Do you ever ask yourself, "Are these thoughts serving me?"


In this episode, I talk about our brain’s negative noise. Negative noise tells us negative things about our lives, self, and the world. I discuss how to identify negative noise so that you can process and heal from it. Some negative thoughts get lodged into our minds and we don’t even realize it, but there are ways to counteract this and program our brains to lead the lives we want.


Also, in this week’s Examples of Awesome interview, Master Certified Coach Brig Johnson is joined by Cathy Council, a Master Certified Life Coach who coaches women on how to look good naked and enjoy the foods they love at the same time. Brig and Cathy discuss how identifying and processing difficult emotions actually allows for more energy to get things done.


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