The Tom & Jo Show

The Tom & Jo Show – Episode 11: Top Five Frontmen and Musicians

April 19, 2017

Having been nearly a year since the last episode, we thought it was about time to release a new episode.
The format has been changed somewhat though. This is the first of many 'list' shows where we will be compiling our top five frontmen and as a special bonus, as you've waited so long, our top five musicians.
Now, we're very aware that we will have missed out certain people from the lists, this is mainly because we want the show to remain somewhat spontaneous, but also because we want some more debate and interaction, especially after so long. You're more than welcome to get in contact with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know how we missed out and give us your lists... it's unlikely we'll change our minds but you never know!
We had a lot of fun recording this and have included some outtakes at the end of the episode so you can hear some of it. We also hope you enjoy listening to it.
P.S. If any of you have copies of episode 8 and 9 and wouldn't mind sending them to us, please get in touch, it's a long shot, but we lost the files when the website got hacked a little while back and would love to have the for the obvious reason that no one else will be able to hear them in future, which is sad. So please, if you have them, get in touch and make us happy! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.