The Tom & Jo Show

The Tom & Jo Show: Episode 15 - Musical Biopics

April 15, 2020

OK, full disclosure: This episode was recorded almost a year ago, just after the last episode went out. We forgot we'd recorded it, Tom couldn't bring himself to edit it down for ages after discovering it because it was two hours of well-oiled, meandering, late-night chat.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic has meant more time to get things done, so finally here is the heavily, heavily edited version of Episode 15 of the Tom & Jo Show. It was recorded just after watching Yesterday at the cinema in 2019 and we talk through our favourite musical biopics including Walk The Line, The Buddy Holly Story, Amadeus, Florence Foster Jenkins and many many more.

Please do get i touch with your favourites, we've not recorded another episode since, but may well do if we think of the right topic, especially if it's something that comes from one of our listeners.

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